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  Descending from a leading business family, which has been successful business for 106 years in Sri Lanka, Mr. M.A.U.D. Fernando, formed Heylan manufacturers to diversify the activities of Businesses which his Grandfather Themis Fernando has started in 1895 at Themis Fernando & Sons – The Pioneers in Sri lanka among the wooden box manufacturing trade.

We, Heylan Manufactures, are a manufacturing and trading company and export the fast moving, plant growing medium - Coco-Peat (This product is also known as Coconut fibre dust and or Coco-pith.)

Cocopeat briquettes and Bales are available in different sizes such as 650g Briquettes,5kg Bale's, 25kg. Bales etc. We offer very competitive prices to importers of Fertilizers, Peat and Agricultural products, both wholesale and retail.

In Sri Lanka over 450,000 Hectares of land is planted with coconuts - over 300 trees are planted in each hectare.

The Coconut crop production in Sri Lanka is recorded as over 2000 millions of nuts per year. One third of this production is used for coconut fibre industry. The fibre production in Sri Lanka is over 100,000 tones per year.The approximate weight of a coconut husk is 350g. Out of this, 140g. Are fibre and the rest 210g between these fibres is the corky substance called "Coir Pith" or Coir "Dust" which has recently been widely recognized as the” Cocopeat” Superior growing medium for many kinds of crops. The Horticulture industry often calls this substrate coco or Coir peat. Sometimes it is known by similar sounding brand names.

In Sri Lanka an amount of 4,000,000 tones of Cocopeat were accumulated near coconut fibre mills from 1950 to 1985

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