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  • 650g Briquettes - Size -: 20cm X 10 cm X 5.5cm -: Compressed 1 :2 -: yeild 9 litres after expansion
  • 25 Kg bales,Packed in Polythene,Compressed 1 : 2, Yeilds 200 litres
Cocopeat + coconut husk chip / Gebera mix
Grow bags

Grow bags - Cocopeat substrate - For Hydrophonic -Substrate. Cocopeat Grow bags are most sought for hydrophonic farming - Soilless cultivation of Vegetables like Tomatoes ,cucumber, Lettuce etc. etc. and Flowers

Largely used in Green Houses as occupied less space

ECO replacement of artificial Growing substrates.

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Coconut husk chips
Coconuts husks cut into 1/2 inch and one inch pieces, specially to grow
Orchids varieties and other suitable plants. At the moment in
Nederland's,they try this also in Horse stables,and use this as a Decorative
around the gardens in Summer
Cocopeat Discs
Weed Killer Mats
Compressed Coir mats . Coconut Coir Is pressed with Natural Rubber Latex.
These  mats prevent un necessary weeds grow around plants.I western
countries this highly used to control Weeds in Plantations.Produced 5mm or
10mm thickness,one meter Or two meter wide ,25 Or 50 meter rolls
Coir Ropes
Different Sizes of diameters.
BBQ Briquettes
Made from the mesocrap of the coconut (Coconut shell) which is carbonized and then compressed into Briquettes. Thus it is environmentally friendly being derived from a renewable resource and being 100% organic in its content.

BBQ Briquettes last longer and produce higher degree of heat with no unpleasant fumes and little smoke - unlike coal, wood or other charcoal products. The result is a safe and economical barbecue fire which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Heylan BBQ Briquettes are retail packed in 2 ply kraft paper bags. Available in 3Kg, 5Kg,10Kg and 25 Kg pack s. Also available in bulk packing.

Shipping in pallet from - bulk 15MT in a 20ft container, 25MT in a 40ft container.

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Fresh Coconuts.
Totally Husk  peeled Or Half peeled Coconuts Or Whole Coconuts with Husks.
Desiccated Coconuts
Fine and medium size granules
For  Cakes,Biscuits and Food
Curled Coir Ropes ( Lingus)
These ropes are cut into small peices and used to make Cushions , mattresses
Coir pots to grow plants
Code  Size
JRP/WR 8x5.5x8
JRP/WR 9x6.5x8.5
JRP/WR 10.5x7x8
GP/WR 11x7x11
JRP/WR 12.5x8.5x9.5
RRP/WR 17.5x11x12.5
Coir Hanging Baskets
Moulded coir pots compressed with natural rubber latex, to grow plants. Pots
are In round shape and Square shape and in Different sizes, in Three
colours, White, natural Coir Colour (Brown) and Black. Hanging Baskets are
completed with the Coir Part and the Coated wire part.
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